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4 plex and up

4 plex and upFlorida (Deal 513)Dade or Broward Counties, FloridaUp to $1.5 million cash buyLooking NowAgent contact

Seeking 4-10 unit value

Florida (Deal 516)Seeking for 4-10 unit value add deals that cash flowMinimum cap rate: OpenLooking NowPrivate InvestorsDirect Investor

Warehouse – 3500-5000 ft

Pine Crest – Doral – Coral Gables (Deal 517)Looking for warehouse 3,500-5,000 sq ft.$4000 month lease, but would be open to seller finance to buyLooking right now.Direct Investor

Light Industrial

South Florida to Jacksonville (519)Close to main highway4 acres or more suitable for outdoor storage/fleetOpen budgetLooking to buy nowReal Estate Agent Contact

Seeking Office Building

Investor Looking In Florida (503)Minimum cap rate, 5 capSource of cash: all cashLooking to buy now.Direct Investor

Land Development

SW MiamiAsking $1.8 millionLOT SIZE (1.50 Acre)You can build single family, Detached, Courtyard, Sideyard, rowhouse, urban villa, duplex dwellingsMax 18 units per acreChanging the zoning you can build up to 90 units 

Land Development

SW MiamiAsking $1.5 millionLOT SIZE (3.75 Acres)Approved to build 20 multifamily unitsThere is a letter from the city that says they will approve to build 35 units

Multifamily 9 units

$1,075,000N. Miami9% capRenovated 202040 yr certification done

Multifamily 3 units

$595,000N. Miami7% capRenovation including roof done 2019